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everything is so shitty i’m barely keeping myself together¬†

Anonymous asked: Hi yes idk I don't mean to bother you but just remember when you're going in for jury duty that you have the right to Jury Nullification (don't specifically call it that tho) so if it's something you believe shouldn't be a crime you can rule innocent even though the facts clearly say they're guilty and they'll be considered innocent. I'm sorry if that didn't really make sense I'm not too great at explaining things but yeah legal advice


corrugatedcardboardbox asked: Maybe you'll get a murder trial.

i just don’t want to go!!!111

it’s really cool when you’re having a wonderful start of the week and you get jury duty in the mail :-)))

gonna nap my annoying thoughts away

the-knightheart asked: Hiiii. You have gorgeouss hair. I'm really trying to grow out mines. Do you have any recommendations? :D

Scalp treatments and prenatal/women’s health pills promote hair growth :)

wtfkoreanbbq asked: Hi, I like you :)


Anonymous asked: I don't even know how someone can have you as a booty call I'd wife you up in a heartbeat like

Cause the person doesn’t feel the same way towards me like how I feel towards them lmao